2011 Fellows



AJF 2011Chandina Chap. Radio and Communication Manager, Center for Justice and Reconciliation, Phnom Penh. Uses radio to educate listeners about social, legal and other national issues. Topic: Role of broadcast media in Cambodia.



AJF 2011Li Jun. Investigative reporter, Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou. Writes on Taiwan and other issues. Also works on media and gender issues. Topic: Governance in China and Singapore.



AJF 2011Amitava Gupta. Senior sub-editor, Anandabazar Patrika, Kolkata. Economics writer, focusing on physical and social infrastructure. Topic: Private education.


AJF 2011Karan Jajati. Orissa Bureau chief, CNN-IBN, Bhubaneswar. Helped launched the Orissa bureau of this CNN franchise. Topic: Is excellent journalism bad business?




AJF 2011Arabaiyah Satriani. Journalist, formerly with Republika, Jakarta. Completing her Masters at Griffith University, Brisbane, in December. Topic: Islamic banking in Singapore and representation of Islam in Singapore.

AJF 2011Agnes Winarti. Journalist, Jakarta Post, Jakarta. Currently on the sports desk and has also covered national and business issues. Topic: Sports development in Singapore.



AJF 2011Niki Cheong. Deputy editor, R.AGE, Star Publications, Kuala Lumpur. Writes and edits for a weekly youth section in the Star, and runs its social media initiatives. Topic: Journalists’ use of social media.



AJF 2011Bhuwan Sharma. Op-ed page editor, Republica National Daily. Writes on Nepalese politics. Topic: Media in repressive regimes.




AJF 2011Rizwana Naqvi. Editor, the Review, Dawn, Karachi. Writes on social, health and gender issues, and edits the Review section. Topic: Climate change and gender.



AJF 2011Imelda Abano. Correspondent, Business Mirror, Baguio City. Writes on human rights, women and children, and other social issues. Topic: Social media.


AJF 2011Regina Bengco. Senior reporter, Malaya Business Insight, Manila. Covers the Philippines President, labour, business and other economic issues. Topic: Libel laws and online media.



AJF 2011Serene Luo. Journalist, The Straits Times. Youth beat reporter and deputy to the editor of The Straits Times Schools publications. Topic: engaging young readers.


Sri Lanka

AJF 2011Darshana Ashoka Kumara. News journalist, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, Colombo. Covers defence, politics, development and other issues. Topic: Mass media and cultural capital in post-conflict Sri Lanka.

AJF 2011Nguyen Thi Minh Huong. Head domestic opinion page, Viet Nam News. Writes on gender and development. Topic: Marital rape