2013 Fellows


AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-02Jamil Mahmud. Staff reporter for Arts and Entertainment at The Daily Star, Dhaka, covering culture-related events including theatre, films, photography and festivals. Project: Cultural tourism.



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-08Needrup Zangpo. Editor at Bhutan Observer, Thimpu, promoting journalism as an agent of social change and democratization. Project: Development journalism.



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-16Chao Sun. Editor-in-chief of influential magazine China Economic Report and the annual economic yearbook, Almanac of China’s Economy, Beijing. Project: The feasibility and structure of a new English digital magazine for global audience who are interested in Asia.

AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-06Li Jie. Reporter at Phoenix Satellite Television, Beijing, reporting on China’s political and diplomacy issues for its 24-hour news channel, InfoNews. Project: Chinese language media in Singapore.



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-07Imran Ahmed Siddiqui. Special correspondent at The Telegraph, New Delhi, covering Indian government’s home ministry, internal security and intelligence. Project: The symbolic significance which Singapore has assumed in the minds of politicians and policymakers in India.

AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-01Jadhav Radheshyam Bapu. Special correspondent at The Times of India, Pune, covering development issues and produces investigative stories on issues related to urbanization and poverty. Project: Singapore’s model for sustainable development: land policies.



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-10Amalia Husnul A’Rofiati. Editor of Tribun Kaltim, Balikpapan. Project: Anti-smoking: Could Balikpapan adopt Singapore way?


AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-13Andi Muhyiddin Arifuddin. Executive editor for assignment editor at Berita Satu TV, Jakarta, producing in-depth coverage of textile waste disposal into the Citarum River. Project: Xenophobia: racial or economic jealousy?



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-14Karen Kesawathany Arukesamy. Journalist at The Sun, Kuala Lumpur, reports on general news, including politics, social and human rights issues. Project: Media role in influencing the welfare of vulnerable communities in Malaysia.



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-09Minh Zaw Oo. Business editor of The Trade Times, Yangon. Project: Can current human resource in media support to changes?




AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-03Adhikari Krishna. Senior editor of National News Agency, Kathmandu, covering news about parliament, its sessions, its achievement and process of statutes preparing. Project: Comparative Analysis of Energy Supply in Singapore and Nepal.



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-04Freeha Sultan. Freelancer with major English dailies, The Nation and The News. Stepped into advocacy and communication work on issues such as violence on women, breast cancer awareness and provision of social security to South Asian labourers. Project: How media especially social media can be effectively used for community development.



_DSC1995e 2Edwina M. Aguilar. TV producer and writer at ABS-CBN Corporation, Quezon City, covers socio-political topics especially transparency and accountability issues in government. Project: Urban planning of Singapore.



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-12Lee Ching Yee. Correspondent at the Singapore Press Holdings. Project: Examine the pros and cons of fresh round of discourse over the privatization of public transport.


Sri Lanka

AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-11De Silva Sella Kapu Samanthika Lasni. Producer for News and Current Affairs at Independent Television Network, Colombo. Project: Code of ethics for TV journalism in Sri Lanka.



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-15Nuntinee Lailaeiat. Economics reporter at the Thai Public Broadcasting Service, Bangkok, covering economic-related news, from micro (ex. tourism) to macro (ex. monetary policy) affairs. Project: Singapore…a tourist destination that cannot be emulated.



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-05Hoang Thuy Chung. Political reporter and editor at VietNamNet Newspaper, Hanoi, covering the activities of the ruling party, the National Assembly, the government and the ministries. Emphasizes on anti-corruption and administrative reform. Project: How media in Singapore promote social and political transparency and accountability to fight corruption.