A new home for AJF

The Asia Journalism Fellowship programme was founded in 2008 and the first group of Fellows arrived in 2009. The annual programme was initiated by Temasek Foundation International and hosted until 2016 by the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University. Starting from 2017, Temasek Foundation International’s partner for the AJF will be the Institute of Policy Studies at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, which is part of the National University of Singapore.

Temasek Foundation International

The Fellowship is made possible by Temasek Foundation International, Singapore-based non-profit philanthropic organisation that funds and supports programmes that build capabilities with programme partners in Asia and beyond.

These programmes enable human and social capital development, contributing to a more vibrant and connected global community, with positive networks of cooperation. The programmes also aim to enhance capabilities in the areas of health care, education, public administration, urban management and disaster-response. Temasek Foundation International is a member of the Temasek Philanthropic Platform.

For more information on Temasek Foundation International, go to www.temasekfoundation-international.org.sg

Institute of Policy Studies

The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) was established in 1988 as an independent research centre to study and generate public policy ideas in Singapore. It became an autonomous research centre of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore in 2008.

The IPS analyses public policy, builds bridges between thought leaders, and communicates its findings to a wide audience. Its researchers examine issues of critical national interest across a variety of fields, and studies the attitudes and aspirations of Singaporeans through surveys of public perception. The Institute’s Arts, Culture and Media cluster studies the changing media landscape and the implications for public policy.

For more information about the IPS, go to www.lkyspp.nus.edu.sg/ips
For more information about the National University of Singapore, go to www.nus.edu.sg


“This programme will hopefully allow the journalists to build friendships and networks and they may find interesting opportunities to work together in future. Relationship building is very much a part of our Asian culture.”

– Benedict Cheong, Chief Executive, Temasek Foundation International


“Media developments are a key area of research at IPS and we are pleased to host this worthwhile programme. We hope seasoned journalists will take the opportunity to come to Singapore and spend time considering the numerous challenges faced by countries in our region and beyond.”

– Janadas Devan, Director, Institute of Policy Studies

Singapore Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam (right) at a dialogue with Fellows in 2013.

Singapore Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam (right) at a dialogue with Fellows in 2013.

Visit to the Reuters newsroom.

Visit to the Reuters newsroom.


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