ajf-2016-fellows-1Yan Dingfei (Hu Jianlong). Freelancer, Guangzhou. Jianlong has worked as a reporter in China for the Guangdong news organisation Southern Weekly, Caijing Magazine and the Beijing Bureau of Southern Daily. He wants to examine the significance of the China-Singapore Economic Corridor, gathering the views of experts and observers.

ajf-2016-profiles-13Li Jiajia. Producer and host, Guangdong Satellite TV, Guangzhou. Jiajia started out as a business reporter before she moved to TV and went on to host a TV show that delivered high-profile, impactful programmes including interviews with controversial personalities. She wants to research and write a policy paper on how the media, especially new media, can help improve human rights and democracy.



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-16Chao Sun. Editor-in-chief of influential magazine China Economic Report and the annual economic yearbook, Almanac of China’s Economy, Beijing. Project: The feasibility and structure of a new English digital magazine for global audience who are interested in Asia.

AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-06Li Jie. Reporter at Phoenix Satellite Television, Beijing, reporting on China’s political and diplomacy issues for its 24-hour news channel, InfoNews. Project: Chinese language media in Singapore.



AJF-2012-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-06Gu Yinghua. Chief editor of website,, Shanghai Media Group, (Chinese), Shanghai. Former chief journalist of Youth Daily, Shanghai. Project: Social TV.




AJF 2011Li Jun. Investigative reporter, Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou. Writes on Taiwan and other issues. Also works on media and gender issues. Topic: Governance in China and Singapore.



Fan Ming. Beijing-based CCTV senior producer working on “News Probe”, an investigative news programme. Has won national awards for her documentaries. Plans to research TV interview shows.

Shen Yuan-an. Covers the movie industry for the influential Guangzhou Daily. Has published a book on China’s movie industry. Wants to research Singapore film.



Ju Jing. Senior Reporter at Southern Weekly (Chinese), Shanghai. Plans to research urban planning and cultural protection.

Doris Lee. Senior journalist at South Metropolitan Daily (Chinese), Guangzhou. Plans to research the media adapting to the internet.