ajf-2016-profiles-11Abdul Malik. Editor, Economics and Business, Tempo, Jakarta. Malik has worked as a reporter and editor for 13 years. He wants to investigate the impact of a draft Indonesian law and its attempts to claw back Indonesian assets from overseas, including in Singapore. Apart from speaking to finance industry experts and observers, he hopes to interview wealthy Indonesians living in Singapore.

ajf-2016-profiles-5Mona Kriesdinar. Social Media Expert, Tribun Jogja Daily, Jogjakarta. Mona is very much a social media and tech guy, representing a new generation of journalists straddling news platforms comfortably. He wants to examine the latest ways mainstream media are using social media to retain and grow readership.



ajf2015-fellows-5Eko Maryadi. An experienced freelancer for local and international news organisations, Eko has just completed his two year term as president of AJI, the country’s largest professional organisation. He is also on the executive committee of the International Federation of Journalists, the world’s largest journalist organisation. He wants to study press freedom in ASEAN.



Lina Nursanty. Lina does daily news reporting for Bandung’s largest newspaper and its radio station, Pikiran Rakyat. Previously based in Jakarta covering national politics, she is now back in Bandung where she has been involved in her paper’s digital transition, which is also the topic for her research project.



ajf-2014-5Anggi Oktarinda. Journalist with Bisnis Indonesia, Jakarta, covering the Presidential Palace.


ajf-2014-12Dewi Yuhana. Editor for business, education and the youth section of Malang Post in Malang, East Java, part of the Jawa Pos group.




AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-10Amalia Husnul A’Rofiati. Editor of Tribun Kaltim, Balikpapan. Project: Anti-smoking: Could Balikpapan adopt Singapore way?


AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-13Andi Muhyiddin Arifuddin. Executive editor for assignment editor at Berita Satu TV, Jakarta, producing in-depth coverage of textile waste disposal into the Citarum River. Project: Xenophobia: racial or economic jealousy?



AJF-2012-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-13Erna Sari Ulina Girsang. Assistant editor, Bisnis Indonesia (Indonesian), Jakarta handling international economy page. Project: Economic competitiveness and the media’s role.



AJF 2011Arabaiyah Satriani. Journalist, formerly with Republika, Jakarta. Completing her Masters at Griffith University, Brisbane, in December. Topic: Islamic banking in Singapore and representation of Islam in Singapore.


AJF 2011Agnes Winarti. Journalist, Jakarta Post, Jakarta. Currently on the sports desk and has also covered national and business issues. Topic: Sports development in Singapore.



Feby Indrani. Journalist with Business Week Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia) in Jakarta. Wants to study Singapore’s creative industries.


Ary Hermawan. Feature writer at Jakarta Post (English). Plans to research terrorism, religious bigotry and the internet.