Sri Lanka


ajf-2016-profiles-8P. Mathanavasan. Editor, Tamil Mirror Daily, Colombo. Mathan made his mark online before becoming editor of the Wijeya group’s Tamil Mirror print edition. He is keen to understand Singapore’s ideas and plans to make the city-state lively and livable, and to identify policies and laws that could work in densely populated cities elsewhere.



ajf2015-fellows-17Camelia Nilrukshi Nathaniel. Journalist at The Sunday Leader. She writes on energy, defence and security, the Tamil diaspora, rehabilitation and reconciliation, and ethnic conflict. Researching on how Singapore preserves ethnic and religious peace.



ajf-2014-7Ifham Nizam. Journalist with the English-language Island newspaper, Colombo, covering politics, energy. Won Environmental Journalist of the Year awards.



AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-11De Silva Sella Kapu Samanthika Lasni. Producer for News and Current Affairs at Independent Television Network, Colombo. Project: Code of ethics for TV journalism in Sri Lanka.



AJF-2012-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-08Krishni Ifnam. Website editor and writer for a news magazine, Vidivai Nokki (Tamil), Colombo, covering humanitarian, social and community news. Project: Women journalists in Singapore.



AJF 2011Darshana Ashoka Kumara. News journalist, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, Colombo. Covers defence, politics, development and other issues. Topic: Mass media and cultural capital in post-conflict Sri Lanka.



Shifan Ahmed. Director and producer with Young Asia Television, which produces programmes on peace and conflict resolution. Wants to work on a video documentary on multiracialism in Singapore.