ajf2015-fellows-11Jitinan Watnucha. News Producer at Royal Army Television Channel 5. Channel 5 is the Thailand’s second free-to-air station. Jitinan is a news producer for the evening news programme. She would like to research Thailand’s role in the ASEAN Community.



ajf-2014-13Watchiranont Thongtep. Business journalist with The Nation, Bangkok. Covers media and broadcasting industries.




AJF-2013-Profile-Photographs-LowRes-15Nuntinee Lailaeiat. Economics reporter at the Thai Public Broadcasting Service, Bangkok, covering economic-related news, from micro (ex. tourism) to macro (ex. monetary policy) affairs. Project: Singapore…a tourist destination that cannot be emulated.



Raksaseri Kornchanok. Reporter for The Nation (English), covering politics and other national issues. Also contributes to the Nation Group’s TV station. Plans to research matchmaking services in Singapore.